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From Everything.Sucks is an online marketplace, which specializes in automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. The head office is located in the City of Yarra. Within Australia, manages a network of sites for online classifieds as well as other sites related to the automotive industry.


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Current Employee - Software Developer says

"Terrible salary, consistently 20k+ lower than elsewhere No progression. To move up you need to buddy up to CIO or spend 3+ years there Lots of sexist comments get thrown around, no one seems to care. Work from home has been micromanaged. Team headcount allocation is based on how much the leadership team likes the team lead. Some teams have 10+ people, whereas others that perform a more critical function are left with 5-6 people. Team leads are baked on and don't fight for their direct reports. Focus is only on how can we make more money. Cut every cost at every corner to make more money to pay share holders larger dividends. This is at the cost of employee wages and well-being. Can't seem to pick a technology. One day it is Stash, next Bitbucket and the day after it is Github. Same goes for every tool in use. Some people do 0 work and get rewarded as they are friends with middle/ senior management, whereas others do tons of work and never get acknowledged."

Former Employee - Team Leader says

"Very cliquey and political. Need to know the right people and attend the right church to be allowed to have an opinion and to be given any useful responsibility."


"Selfish and insecure senior management team, with large doses of incompetence. Under belly of bullying in their culture."

Sales says

"Senior managers have obviously instructed current employees to write favourable reviews here after all the bad ones they get regularly. Out of touch senior managers who rarely leave the building and know nothing about their own teams yet give themselves huge pay rises every 5 minutes, heaps and heaps of churn but no one cares. Serious culture of micro management and bullying."

Account Manager says

"Toxic culture, fake people, back stabbing is rife. Micro Management is an insult. The Management at Carsales are a joke. Everyone in the industry knows this. As long as management keep turning a blind eye the churning of staff and offices will continue. Anyone who has put up a good review of this employer is CLEARLY deluded. Must be the People & Culture team that are posting."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Though have still have some good resources but most of them are leaving. The attrition rate is really high and the company is not bothered at all. There is no long-term view. They just switch technology abruptly without proper understanding and this is bound to happen as the people who take these decisions are totally clueless about what they are doing. If you are good at politics, then this is your place."

Former Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"Talk about building software without proper software processes, defend decisions on why their model is the best - You know look at the diagram - why software fails - this company is a prime example Every one in the management believes they are the alpha male(s) and the company is just a body shop of badly written software"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic culture. Best people forced to leave. Bullying rampant. Issues seam to stem from senior managers that have had little or no experience outside of this strange environment."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Politics is a way of life, runs through the veins of all levels of leadership. Bullying is commonplace, women have absolutely no room to grow their careers or get promoted. As a developer you're nothing but a code monkey who are told to just get crap done. QA team is an absolute joke, a social clubhouse who believe quality is everyone's responsibility but them. People are stretched beyond their limits until they snap. Standing up for what is right will be penalised and you risk losing your job. Decisions are made before meetings and dumped on you. Career progression is virtually non existent unless you are a sycophant. HR has been writing positive reviews here to try and bump up ratings."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"• 20% below market salary, promised everyone shares, no one ever got shares • Don't know how to keep good talent • Management team is an all boys club for old timers, they leech of employees to get their 10 minutes of fame and a pat on the back when they walk into CEO office. They are not leaders, they are "Yes men" • They preach the word 'consumer' but do not do tracking, iterating or talk to their customers • They think disruption is redesigning a website • No real leaders, those that are, usually leave the business for greener pasture • No mentors • In denial that they are acting and thinking like a startup • No career growth"

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Just a big boys club. Minimum wage for most staff. Very difficult to get promoted, I have seen many staff that should be managers and they will never get promoted. I do not recommend working here at all. Very stressful environment and other staff from cliches which makes for a terrible culture. Very easy to feel isolated and depressed here. Strong drinking culture, you feel be made to feel like a loser if you don't drink alcohol. HR doesn't do anything for staff bullying.Free foodBullying, boys club, low wages, overtime."